International Piano Competition

of Friuli Venezia Giulia




Sacile, Zancanaro Theater

Form the 05th to the 08th of May 2022


The auditions of the Piano FVG Competition will ended in Sacile form the 05th to the 08th of May 2022, one of the most prestigious competition at international level and first in the world to test during the I and II round the global networking with a special streaming platform connected to recording rooms from all over world.


Competitors admitted to the final round

  • Matteo Bevilacqua        1997    M        Italy
  • Soyeon Chang                1991    F          South Korea
  • Nicolas Giacomelli        1998   M         Italy
  • Yao Jialin                        1999   M         China
  • Ryutaro Suzuki              1990   M         Japan
  • Jingfang Tan                  1998   F          China
  • Kostandin Tashko         1997   M         Albania


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