pianofvg international piano competition 2014

edition 2014

The Friuli Venezia Giulia International Piano Competition will take place in Sacile (Italy) at the Teatro Zancanaro, 2 to 7 May 2014. Registrations are now closed: the final list of competitors will be soon announced.

Let's update!

  • updated for competitors the complete list of accomodations (hotels, b&b, farm-houses, etc.)

    It has been updated for competitors the complete list of accomodations (hotels, b&b, farm-houses, etc.) for booking their lodgment in Sacile during the piano|fvg Competition 2014: it is available in the sidebar download area (Sacile-Accomodation).
  • Special award for the winner:
    the recording of a solo piano CD thanks to KNS Classical

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    An important chance for the winner of the Friuli Venezia Giulia International Piano Competition 2014 has been announced by piano|fvg as a “special award”: the recording of a solo piano CD at Fazioli Concert Hall in Sacile, thanks to KNS Classical.

    KNS Classical - a classical music label based in Spain - would provide the digital publication of the CD, which would include the design and digital distribution. All expenses related to the digital publication will be in charge of KNS Classical (that will be the holder of the rights in the digital distribution), while the costs about the master recording in Sacile will be covered by piano|fvg.

    Apart from the digital distribution it would also possible to make a physical version of the CD. In this case the costs of creating the physical CDs would be in charge of the artist. However, once the CD is made, the income derived from the sales would go entirely to the artist.

    Read more about KNS Classical at:

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    The CEI-Central European Initiative supports the 2014 edition of the piano|fvg Competition in order to encourage competitors coming from CEI Member States*: Albania, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine.
    • Special Prize “CEI Central European Initiative”
      €2.000 for the best CEI competitor* (with the exception of Italy)

    • CEI Piano Forum
      An international conference/workshop, especially supported by CEI, is scheduled in Sacile (IT) on May 4, 2014 (h9-13) after the first round of the piano|fvg Competition (at the end of the Forum the Jury will announce the list of the competitors admitted to the second round).
      The main goal of the CEI Piano Forum is to create an open confrontation between young musicians and some experienced personalities/testimonials of the music world, coming from CEI countries and other European institutions.
      The Forum is free of charge and open to all piano|fvg competitors, and generally to young musicians and stakeholders, simply applying with the special form available from download sidebar area.
      Some scholarships (€100 each) are available for piano|fvg CEI competitors* (with the exception of Italy), who will apply the Forum: the beneficiaries will be selected by the organization of piano|fvg by the evaluation of the cv and a specific motivation letter to be added to the request form. Incoming requests from non-EU CEI Member States will be considered with particular interest.
      The program and timetable of the Forum will be soon available on the site.

    *Please note: a competitor is classified as CEI when he/she permanently depends on a sending institution based/registered in a CEI country. Nationals of CEI countries living or working for institutions outside the CEI region cannot be classified as 'CEI competitors’.

    More information about CEI: